nods, nodding, nodded
1) VERB: no passive If you nod, you move your head downwards and upwards to show that you are answering `yes' to a question, or to show agreement, understanding, or approval.

`Are you okay?' I asked. She nodded and smiled...

David said nothing, but simply nodded, as if understanding perfectly...

[V n] Jacques tasted one and nodded his approval...

[V with quote] `Oh, yes,' she nodded. `I understand you very well.'

N-COUNT: usu a N
Nod is also a noun.

She gave a nod and said, `I see'... `Probably,' agreed Hunter, with a slow nod of his head... He gave Sabrina a quick nod of acknowledgement.

2) VERB: no passive If you nod in a particular direction, you bend your head once in that direction in order to indicate something or to give someone a signal.

[V prep] `Does it work?' he asked, nodding at the piano...

[V prep] She nodded towards the drawing room. `He's in there.'...

[V to n to-inf] He lifted the end of the canoe, nodding to me to take up mine.

3) VERB: no passive If you nod, you bend your head once, as a way of saying hello or goodbye.

All the girls nodded and said `Hi'...

[V n] Tom nodded a greeting but didn't say anything...

[V at/to n] Both of them smiled and nodded at friends...

[V n to n] They nodded goodnight to the security man.

4) VERB In soccer, if a player nods the ball in a particular direction, they hit the ball there with their head. [BRIT, INFORMAL]

[V n adv/prep] Taylor leapt up to nod the ball home...

[V adv] Brian McClair nodded in his twenty-third goal of the season.

5) PHRASE: V inflects If you give someone the nod, you give them permission to do something. [INFORMAL]

`Keep him outside till I give you the nod.'

6) PHRASE: PHR after v If a proposal is accepted on the nod, it is accepted without being questioned or argued about. [BRIT, INFORMAL]

He has always argued that the party cannot be seen to let the treaty through on the nod...

Big issues are going through on the nod.

Phrasal Verbs:

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